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The City Manager shall be the administrative officer and shall be responsible to the city commission for efficient administration of all affairs of the city and shall exercise management supervision over all departments and all public property belonging to the city.

The city manager shall receive direction from the city commission on the following functions and duties:

Attend and participate in meetings of the city commission and committees but shall not have a vote on such city commission or committees.

Be responsible to the city commission for personnel management and shall issue, subject to city commission approval, personnel rules applicable to all city employees.

Exercise supervisory control over all departments including the police department and the department of public works. To include employee reviews, hiring, firing, demotions and promotions, provided he/she keeps city commission informed.

Exercise supervisory responsibility over accounting, budgeting, personnel, purchasing and related management functions of city clerk and the city treasurer. Working knowledge of BS&A accounting software.

Prepare and administer the budget as provided for in the Uniform Budgeting and Accounting Act, Public Act No. 2 of 1968, and any city ordinance that may be adopted.

Prepare and review written policies and procedures defining duties and functions of the employees and departments of the city, subject to the approval by city commission. Responsible for the economical and expeditious execution of policy, plans and programs established by the city commission

      Investigate all complaints concerning the administration of the city and review them with city commission.

Promote new business within the city as opportunities present themselves, actively search out and write grants that would be beneficial to the city.

Make recommendations to the city commission for the adoption of such measures as may deemed necessary or expedient for the improvement or betterment of the city.

Perform other duties as required, from time to time by the city commission.

Be responsible for the purchasing functions of the city. Review all financial activity and statements, and to report monthly as to the status.

Serve as spokesperson for the city in all matters outside of the direct control of the city commission.

Develop and implement short and long term goals. Develop a Strategic Plan.

Assure compliance to all federal, state and local laws and regulations in regards to city affairs and grants.

Shall provide technical training and work safety programs and the development of employees in accordance with applicable laws and city policies and procedures and/or the City Charter.


Degree in accounting, finance, business management, public administration, preferably in government environment with 3-5 years’ experience. Will consider applicants with minimum 10 years’ experience in municipal management.

         Work 40 hour a week and be available seven (7) days a week. Hours and days flexible.

          Available to start November 1, 2016


       Standard benefits associated with non-union staff of city, to include Health & Life Insurance, Vacations, Holidays and Personal Days Off.

:  $50,000 - $62,000

CONTACT:  wmhodge@watervliet.org with further questions


                                    PO BOX 86
                                    WATERVLIET, MI 49098

                                Equal Opportunity Employer


                    CORE COMPETENCIES
  • Demonstrates the major knowledge about city government responsibilities, functions and powers
  • Identifies the major functions of each branch of government, local, state and federal along with their relationship to one another 
  • Understands the statutory duties and responsibilities of the office of City Manager
  • Aware of the roles and responsibilities of other elected and appointed offices in the city 
  • Demonstrates knowledge of the various committees, boards and commissions serving the city, including their roles and responsibilities
  • Understands how city charter, policies and procedures are set
  • Demonstrates knowledge of how ordinances are lawfully adopted and legally enforced
  • Communicates effectivley
  • Listens attentively
  • Works effectively with individuals, departments and committees to achieve desired outcomes
  • Possesses knowledge of what constitutes ethical behavior
  • Manages adversity and hostility effectively
  • Delegates tasks appropriately
  • Believes in drive, passion and common sense to reflect leadership
  • Possesses vision, especially relative to the city's needs or potential
  • Understands effective conduct of commission meetings and is knowledgeable about parliamentary procedures, professionally participates
  • Utilizes consensus building techniques
  • Possesses persuasive influential abilities
  • Motivates others to achieve desired outcomes
  • Utilizes public relations skills to position the city positively
  • Demonstrates knowledge of uniform chart of accounts, generally accepted accounting practices and proper internal controls 
  • Implement sound cash management procedures and proper handling of funds, including knowledge of investment instruments limitations on investments
  • Aware of what constitutes lawful city expenditures
  • Has the ability to generate required financial reports and statements, which are accurate and timely
  • Understands the audit process
  • Understands purchasing policies and bid process 
  • Possesses knowledge about current issues affecting cities
  • Aware of legal matters that could impact the city 
  • Understands the elements of risk management
  • Aware of financial matters affecting the city, including revenue sources
  • Possess knowledge about land use
  • Understands the planning and zoning process
  • Possesses knowledge of city services and their policy implications
  • Understand the importance of immediate, short and long term goals, how to implement, proceed and evaluate results and readjust if needed
  • Provide vision and support to develop a strategic plan

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